Parcel Info

What is Parcel Info?

Parcel Info is a web-based tool which allows City of Anaheim employees to access a wide variety of information about land parcels within the city. GIS data, ownership information, maps, photos, and more can be easily retrieved using your web browser.

How do I use Parcel Info?

Using Parcel Info is easy. If you can use Google to search the internet, you can use Parcel Info to search for information about parcels in Anaheim. First select a parcel of interest using either the search box or a map. Then click on the various tabs along the top of the page to retrieve information about the parcel.

How do I search using the search box?

The search box accepts a wide variety of inputs including:

  • Parcel Numbers - Each parcel in the city has a unique Assessor Parcel Number(APN) which is a series of eight digits, for example '037-011-32'. APNs are often found on legal documents originating from city or county offices. With a few minor exceptions, the City of Anaheim uses the same parcel numbers assigned by the Orange County Assessor's Office. When typing APNs into the Parcel Info search box, the dashes are optional, however any leading zeros are an important part of the parcel number and should be included.

  • Addresses - You can enter a complete address or just the beginning of an address, for example '201 S. Anaheim Blvd.' or '201'.

  • Intersections - Two street names seperated with an ampersand, for example 'Harbor & Katella'.

  • Street Names - A street name such as 'Spruce' or 'Lincoln Ave'. If the street name is found in the GIS database, you will be directed to a map zoomed to an arbitrary segment of the street. This method of searching may not be particularly helpful for long streets. Searching by address or some other method is recommended in such cases.

  • Address IDs - An address ID is a long series of numbers, for example '199910271619423814', which uniquely identifies a specific address within the city. Address IDs are used primarily in conjunction with Tidemark and the Address Points GIS layer.

  • Business Names - All or part or a business name, for example "Vons" or "Hotel".

  • Landmarks - Parcel Info recognizes many landmark names within the city such as 'City Hall'.

How do I search using the map?

On the search page, click 'Map Search' in the upper left hand corner and you will be presented with a map of the city. Use the tools provided to zoom in on your area of interest. Once you have zoomed in to the parcel level, you will see red information icons which can be clicked to select your parcel of interest.

What information is available through Parcel Info?

Once you have selected a parcel of interest, the following information tabs will be available.
  • General Info - Information retrieved from various layers within the City of Anaheim's GIS database.

  • Zoning/Land Use - Information retrieved from various Planning GIS layers

  • Public Works - Information retrieved from various Public Works GIS layers.

  • Map - Several different map views of the selected parcel are available. The initial view is an aerial photograph zoomed to the parcel of interest.

  • Links - Links to other websites on the internet which may be of interest.

How does Parcel Info handle condominiums and mobilehomes?

APNs beginning with '8' and '9' represent individual condominiums, mobile homes, timeshares, and various other assessed properties that don't have any explicit land area. These properties are reported on the county's tax roll but do not appear on maps or GIS layers maintained by the City of Anaheim or the County of Orange.

When you select one of these "landless" properties as your parcel of interest in Parcel Info, you are only able to view its associated tax roll information. The "General Info" tab gives you the option of switching your parcel of interest to the associated "land parcel" upon which the property is located.

How do I print a map from Parcel Info?

The current recommended method for printing a map is to use your web browser's print functionality by choosing 'Print' from the 'File' menu. For best results, specify layout mode for the paper orientation. In the future, Parcel Info will offer enhanced map printing options.