Local government agencies are increasingly required to streamline business practices while adhering to complex political and regulatory requirements. To do so, they must digest an immense amount of information to perform their duties in a fair and reliable manner. Almost all of this information is in some way tied to a geographic element such as an address, parcel, postal code, census block, or some other component.

To support the management and distribution of such information, the City of Anaheim has implemented a Geographic Information System (GIS). A GIS uses computers and software to store, query, analyze, and map data in support of the decision making process. More important, GIS technology makes data sharing among departments easier so that the city government can work as a single enterprise.

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Anaheim will be recognized as a leader in the innovative and effective use of local government geospatial solutions.

To develop innovative services and solutions so that Anaheim employees, citizens, and stakeholders can enhance their decision making processes by having efficient access to complete and accurate municipal-based geographic information.

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